Work/Life Purgatory

Creating work life harmony - August 11, 2020

As the quarantine extends indefinitely, many are noticing the lines between work and life blurring. The lack of physical boundaries separating work time from other time has resulted in a feeling of being “always on.”

This is the crest of trends that were developing well before we settled into the new normal of working from home. The omnipresence of technology and work issued hardware established the expectation of constant responsiveness. A late night message or email from the boss or a client, was definitely seen. Now, at a time when there are fewer plausible excuses for where  else we could be, it seems like we might as well address them in the moment.

As a result, the average American’s screen time has increased 57% during the lockdown. This can be incredibly fatiguing.

It’s going to take a lot more effort to maintain a healthy balance between work and everything else. Deliberate mindfulness of time is a huge start. Here are some tips for creating that balance:

Block off free time: We schedule all kinds of work tasks, but it may be time to schedule time off. Set aside a few hours in the evening, as well as regular breaks. Put these times in your calendar and tend to them as seriously as any work commitment.

Check if you’re being productive: As we spend increasing amounts of time sitting down, staring at screens, it becomes less clear what’s meaningful work. Ask yourself if you’re being efficiently productive, if not, it may be time to step away and come back.

Declutter your mind: It used to be possible to fill your brain with all kinds of interesting things over the weekends. It takes a lot more effort these days. Make time to meditate and read.