Finals Preview

Minimal Clipper slander - September 28, 2020

We’re getting ready for the western conference finals between (no surprise) the Lakers and (big surprise) the Nuggets. Without any further Clippers jokes, we’re compiling a list of our favorite Kobe moments to get hype. Here’s a top 5 In no particular order:

·      Kobe on going out with teammates (we’ve had a few banging on the door to wake everyone up moments ourselves).

·      This one from the like 4 years of Laker mediocrity is still hilarious. Franchise is kind of spoiled but 🤷

·      Legendary moment with my all time favorite NBA player, Matt Barnes. Flinching is a natural reflex, how is he that icy!

·      The fact that the man put up a thousand shots BEFORE practice

·      For good measure probably one of my favorite on court plays although there’s too many to choose from

My finals pick is still the heat by the way, let’s see what happens!